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Whirling Light

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Mfg: Joseph Bennette

Whirling Light MP3 by Joseph Bennette

Experience a sensation of a whirling cyclone of energy sweeping through your body from head to toe, cleansing your whole body and soul from the inside. The special audio effects give you the sensation of movement inside that promotes powerful physiological and psychological cleansing. 

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How many of you have taken the time to download Joseph Bennette's 'Whirling Light' mp3?

I can't believe that I didn't listen to it the minute that I downloaded it. What I was missing! There I was, going through my mp3 collection while cleaning up my hard drive, and there's this file called 'Whirling Light'. I fire it up, over speakers mind you, and there's Joseph's voice telling you to relax.

All well and good. Nice tonality, reminiscent of sleep. Then a faint high pitched tone starts and the 'whirling' effect begins. My hands stop in mid-type, my eyes glaze over and I find myself following a whirling tornado of energy as it scoops and cleanses my brain of... wow. I just hang with it for a while, enjoying the trance....

Guys, if it is still up, you MUST download this mp3. Make it today's mission. It's just over 6mb in size, but the server supports multiple connection and download resume, so use FlashGet (my favorite) or Reget if you have to. Just get this file!

The longer you wait, the longer you will be denying yourself a really pleasurable, trance experience. Some very nice energy/breathwork that I've never tried before, and just... I'm getting this tingling sensation just thinking about it!

You just have to download it now!

Elroy Carter
Co-moderator, Mindlist


  • This item comes as a two-file download. One is the MP3 version and the other is an M4A format for iPod and other  mobile devices.
  • The files on this download are not copy protected - you may freely place them on any device you wish under the doctrine of fair use. Please do not share these files with anyone else or place them on peer-to-peer (p2p) networks like bittorrent or limewire. Thank you.
  • This MP3 audio track is a hypnotic imagery and as such is not intended for use while driving or while operating or using dangerous equipment or tools. Please use caution as this audio track is intended to induce altered states of consciousness.

Brand|Joseph Bennette|

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