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Mfg: Joseph Bennette

Reorganizing MP3 by Joseph Bennette

Trying to regain that girlish figure after giving birth? Maybe just trying to lose a few pounds so you can once again fit into that swimsuit? Enroll your body into helping you with this imagery exercise. Reorganizing speaks to your body using the metaphor of a factory that needs some reorganizing. You as the factory owner call together all the “department heads” in order to place the reorganization into effect. You’ll be able to give thanks to all aspects of your body – even the fat. Then reassure your body that everyone, even the fat, will be taken care of (you’d feel pretty insecure if your job were suddenly on the line, right?). Then everyone will get new jobs – jobs they can all be proud of and embrace fully.

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  • This item comes as a two-file download. One is the MP3 version and the other is an M4A format for iPod and other  mobile devices.
  • The files on this download are not copy protected - you may freely place them on any device you wish under the doctrine of fair use. Please do not share these files with anyone else or place them on peer-to-peer (p2p) networks like bittorrent or limewire. Thank you.
  • This MP3 audio track is a hypnotic imagery and as such is not intended for use while driving or while operating or using dangerous equipment or tools. Please use caution as this audio track is intended to induce altered states of consciousness.

Brand|Joseph Bennette|

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