Why Speed-Reading of People Is a Biased Assumption

Living in defense demands that I quickly form survival impressions and act on them accordingly – speed being an essential element.

Because I believe threats to my safety exist at all levels of my being, can I afford not to speed-read my environment?

The need for speed may be an ancient survival aspect of instinct in which fast action was vital to life. I still find this aspect useful in the fast-paced modern world I live in today. My ego uses bias – a heuristic, a shortcut in which I rely on the meme, “good enough, fast enough.”

I infuse my biased assumptions with essentialism. I categorize people and things according  to my perception of their essential nature, in spite of variations.

My biased programs apply physical signs of threat to non-physical levels. For example, I might see all persons larger than me as threatening.

My biased approach includes the speed-reading of people. That helps me preassess the dangers they may present to my mental, emotional, and spiritual environment. Particularly those that threaten my ego.

To give me an evolutionary advantage over suffering and death, I speed-read those kinds of dangers that affect such things as my personal value, my sense of self worth, my need for agreement, my need to forgive and be forgiven, and etc.

My biased speed-reading of people protects me from attacks.

I use fear to protect my ego from perceived attacks from such things as no personal value, no sense of self worth, no agreement, no forgiveness, and etc. Of course there’s a trade-off – I must be in a constant state of alert to any and all potential threats. The majority of threats I perceive may not ever materialize. This process is energy expensive!

My biased projections can and have proved inappropriate, embarrassing, and sometimes rudely comedic!

Perhaps I speed-read people to protect myself from the reflection I might see of myself in them. I like to believe I know myself. By assuming I know other people’s intentions, too – without further investigation – I tend to make critical thinking errors that affect all my relationships.

I started speed-reading people in the first place to mitigate my fear of attack on my values by others. I’m actually projecting that same fear in an effort to avoid accountability for my attack on me!

Once I create a fundamental impression, all subsequent encounters will be affected by this bias – locking me into perpetual attack and defense. It may feel like I’m stuck in this First and Second Degree Illumination loop. This leads me to ask the question – is it true? Does it have to be my truth?

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