Why My Inner Narcissist Needs to Make Its Reality My Reality

It’s not narcissistic – it’s realistic!

I’ve never worked harder in my life than when I’ve invested in validating reality – mine.

Why? Because my beliefs about what is and isn’t real needs to stay at the top of my defense list. Otherwise, the world rains down broccoli-flavored skittles, teenagers start making sense – and I forget who’s in charge: my inner narcissist (my ego).

Making a stand isn’t about me – it’s about my world. I don’t need to be fixed – my world does!

That’s why I take such pride in my ability to make choices and why filtering things and people into their constituent parts brings me a sense of purpose. The value I find there validates my reality.

When the world supports my truth altogether – rather than fighting against it – there is peace. The peace that only a narcissistic ego like mine could appreciate.

Peace in our time

I get to daily prove through my own mental court of law what’s real, fair and justifiable – it’s realistic! Some may say I’m rationalizing my decisions to make me feel better – but my realistic rationale keeps me on the path of truth.

This exercise of filtering for truth doesn’t limit my reality – it makes it clear to me that what I do is necessary and important.

In order to satisfy the appetite of my inner narcissist, my world needs to supply it with:

These are characteristic of
First and Second Degree Illumination
in which blind hope takes control of the sense of satisfaction in life and twists wholeness to serve a belief in lack.

How do I get out of this ego fortress?
Questioning these need characteristics might be a useful start.
  • unconditional agreement
  • admiration
  • entitlement
  • importance
  • grandiosity
  • special treatment
  • power and success
  • uniqueness
  • superiority
  • obedience
  • others to exploit

I don’t understand how others could fail to agree with my ego’s approach to life – it’s realistic! Maybe they should seriously asked themselves why not! Then they’d feel the need for it as I do… 😉

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