When a Story Hurts, It’s Probably Hitting Your Issues

…the story itself doesn’t matter!

Over the years, we’ve conducted thousands of Rapid Eye Technology sessions in which as a practitioner, I’d move the RET eye directing “wand” rapidly as I’d spew as many hurtful words and phrases as I could in as short a period as I could while the client would “blink them out.”

After one session, a particularly dazed yet delighted client once said to me (paraphrasing), “How did you know that I was abused as a child? I didn’t tell you that…” I NEVER once told her that she was abused. She made up a story to suit the words I was throwing at her – words that hurt.

During the session, some of my words would cause my client to wince or even speak about it out loud to me. It “hurt” for a very short time as we passed over it quickly. Yet, the hurt was felt deeply and long enough for her to formulate a story to justify it.

Hypnosis sessions would often result in a client “remembering” something that likely didn’t happen – called “false memory syndrome.” Here’s the thing, though… the client must understand that…

The Story Doesn’t Matter

The key here is that it doesn’t matter what story the client creates in their mind to justify their emotional distress. When the words I’d say triggered pain that created or confirmed a “memory” (story), I’d know we were on the right track to release emotional distress that was standing in the way of them living a more meaningful, gratitude-filled life. The “story” created in their mind (of abuse, neglect, poor treatment, trauma, etc.) was of LITTLE to NO CONSEQUENCE – and was most likely untrue anyway.

EVEN WERE I TO CREATE A HURTFUL STORY for my client for therapeutic effect, the story would be a ruse – a means to an end – and most likely untrue. What matters is releasing the emotional, hurtful energy associated with the story – not the story itself.

The Story Is NOT the Energy of the Story!

Based on the concept that the story is of little to no consequence, during the initial conference with my clients, I’d make sure they understood that… “Memories and stories might arise as a result of the process we’re about to do. When such memories, even vivid ones, come up during our process, DO NOT TRUST them – they are probably untrue – a by-product of our therapeutic process. What we’re about here is releasing HURTFUL emotions. Even though you know the memory/story is imaginary and doesn’t matter, the emotional load associated with it is the object of our process here today.”

This is why RET Technicians can fly through many, many hurtful phrases that clearly don’t appear to apply to their client’s issue without needing to hear their story – and yet have amazing results. Because the story doesn’t matter!!!

In the end – when a story hurts, it’s hitting your issues! Therapeutically, the story doesn’t matter! The associated emotion does!

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