Walk Differently, Feel Differently

Intuitively, I recognize that when I’m in a mood, my body will take on an appearance that shows it. For example, when I feel sad, my shoulders may fall forward, my head may sag forward, my gait will slow, etc.

Can I use that connection between mind and body to formulate a strategy for changing my mood?

Neurolinguistics (NLP) says yes!

In a certain mood? Your body will position itself to express it. Position your body to mimic the posture and/or gait you have when you’re in a certain mood, and you’ll soon take on that mood.

Body => Mind. Mind => Body. Thought => Expression. Expression => Thought.

Feeling angry or depressed – and want to change that mood? Try taking a walk – in the manner you think a person would walk who is feeling happy or excited about life.

It’s worked for me. Maybe it will work for you, too.


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