A Universe of Conscious Agents?

Donald Hoffman describes his hypothesis of entangled conscious agents as a new model for evolution emerges. Perhaps the universe is consciousness embodied in a collection of “conscious agents” that appears as reality.

What I perceive in my limited awareness bubble may be a dumbed-down interface that hides reality from me. What is the truth? Thanks to an evolution that selected out truth for my benefit, I may be incapable of knowing.

I find Donald Hoffman’s hypothesis and arguments intriguing and more than a little provocative. Perhaps you will, too. Professor Hoffman:

Cosmologist, Max Tegmark, considers the universe “a giant mathematical object.” Not EXPRESSED as mathematics. Rather that it IS mathematics.

Apparent Consciousness?

From string theory to creationism, everyone seems to be trying to solve essential issues about the universe – “reality.” Perhaps the universe should be considered consciousness that appears as it does as a result of my consciousness’ interaction with it. Perhaps it’s Bayesian! It exists because I perceive it!

This may come across as somewhat complex – particularity the mathematics. Yet, the essential elements of these hypotheses are fairly straight forward and even testable. I like testable!

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