The Order and Entropy Dance

In this dimension of limited awareness, there is that which is and that which is not – duality. Each element contains an element of the other. The ancient concept of yin-AND-yang.

It occurred to us in a discussion today that the process of order is represented in life whereas the process of entropy is represented in death – a disordering. These conceptual processes court each other in a perpetual dance in which both exist simultaneously AND together – each requiring the other to exist.

My thoughts go through this dance from ordered (focused upon) to disordered (not focused upon), then back to ordered again as I attend to my life. Yet at no time is my focus 100% ordered or 100% entropic. I always focus on something AND unfocus on another.

Order v Entropy

During times when the universe becomes more ordered, as it does in living tissues, there is always an element of disorder within that order – order AND entropy, life AND death together in a dance.

As we considered how this dance plays out in our life, we realized that wherever order exists, there is ALSO entropy – order AND entropy: Night AND day. Right AND wrong. Good AND evil. Left AND right. Cause AND effect. Yin AND yang.

Perhaps EITHER-OR is an illusion.

What do you think? We invite your ideas about this.

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