The Gratitude Place

Some years ago when we were training a class in San Diego on grounding techniques used to end a Rapid Eye Technology session, a young man in the class asked if he could practice the technique on me.

“Of course you may!” I answered politely and sat down.

He stood behind me. I heard him breathe deep and slow – I assumed he was centering himself as I’d instructed. I felt a slow and tender press down upon my shoulders.

Suddenly, I was filled with the most exquisite sensation of light, love, and affection. It was as though the entire universe of time and space collapsed into NOW. I feel it again today as I write about it. Pure joy!

A few minutes afterwards, I stood up, turned around and asked him about his technique. “It’s no technique,” he looked deep into my soul, “I connected with my gratitude place where I love you as I love myself.”

My legs surrendered their power in that instant of pure honesty, honor, and connection. I found myself seated again – at the feet of a master. I’ve not looked at grounding in the same way since.

I didn’t get his name, yet my entire being knows and remembers his “technique” – a connection to deep, abiding love – the gratitude place.

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