Sacrifice and Loss of Personal Value

I’m sitting at my computer typing this post. Suddenly, I feel the pangs of hunger. I get up and go get something to eat. I feel satisfied for the time-being. Later, I feel dissatisfied – hungry again. Lack -> pain -> movement -> satisfaction -> lack -> pain. It’s another loop. A sacrifice loop!

Why do I call it a sacrifice loop?

At some time in my past, I believed I was less than whole, incomplete. I lacked something. To bring me back up to speed, I had to invest in something – an object that I believed would make me whole again. I repeat this every moment.

Problem is – I was never less than whole. I’ve always been wholly me – I only believed I was otherwise. To accomplish the perception of less-than, I traded my self-as-whole to a false, irrelevant and non sequitur sacrifice formula that I support with physical evidence, emotional energy, and mental certainty:

Lack = Needs = Pain = ME!

It’s a formula that can never be satisfied because it is untrue. Falsity can never be truth!

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How Freedom of Choice Highlights My Belief in Limitation

And what I might choose to do with that freedom!

I flip through the channels on my TV and find something that interests me. When I click the button on my remote control, voila! – I experience the result of my choice in the presentation on the TV. Later, I open my smartphone and select an app to read the news or chat with a friend. As I write this, I feel I’m choosing the words for this post. Choices, choices, choices… Freedom!

It appears to me that I’m making choices all the time. Further, it feels like most of those choices are freely mine to make. Especially when it comes to my own thoughts, I feel I can think anything I want to think. Yay, freedom!

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Why My Inner Narcissist Needs to Make Its Reality My Reality

It’s not narcissistic – it’s realistic!

I’ve never worked harder in my life than when I’ve invested in validating reality – mine.

Why? Because my beliefs about what is and isn’t real needs to stay at the top of my defense list. Otherwise, the world rains down broccoli-flavored skittles, teenagers start making sense – and I forget who’s in charge: my inner narcissist (my ego).

Making a stand isn’t about me – it’s about my world. I don’t need to be fixed – my world does!

That’s why I take such pride in my ability to make choices and why filtering things and people into their constituent parts brings me a sense of purpose. The value I find there validates my reality.

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Turning Assumptions into Understandings

My mom used to say things like, “A watched pot never boils.” Little did I realize then that what she said and what she meant required me to make some assumptions.

Our verbal and written language occasionally fails to communicate my  intended meaning. Yet pertinent information might remain hidden from reason. When left out of the vital communication link, these precious truths are replaced with assumption that becomes the basis for subsequent assumptions.

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