Reality as Successful Projection of Bias

My biases reflect core beliefs as truths that I can’t challenge without meeting significant ego defense in the form of shoulds and shouldn’ts, musts and mustn’ts – needs.

When I sense my beliefs being threatened, I conjure up justifications as a means of keeping or returning my projections of bias as “true” reality.

My perception of current reality, then, becomes a projection of these biases, an artifact of my past that exerts a powerful influence on the very memories from which that projection emerges. Yes! More circular thinking!!

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Fear and Completion pt 2


I see light because of resistance. I feel heat because of resistance. I feel the chair I’m sitting in due to its resistance to my body’s weight. Energy is realized because of resistance. I have experience – based on perception – that is due to resistance.

Fear – the belief in a threat to future survival, which belief is usually embodied in a sense of rightness – is imagined resistance where none may exist. Fear as an emotional motivator, however, is very real in that it usually results in ACTION intended to satisfy the perception of need imagined by the fear.

It’s an effective sales job I do to my Self!

Through fear I imagine a need – a lack, danger, or threat – then, when the emotional energy of that need exceeds a certain level of intolerance, I take some kind of appropriate (as I perceive it) action to satisfy that imagined lack – which feels like completion. It’s the essence of salesmanship –> create a perception of need then provide the answer to that need so the customer feels completion in the transaction = Sold! I’ve become quite adept at this kind of salesmanship. Read more Fear and Completion pt 2