A Belief Map Reading Primer

I believe a lot of things. From religion to politics to everyday life, I feel like I have control over what I believe. It SEEMS to me I can change a belief as I feel the need. I suppose you could say I believe that I can choose to change my mind and so change my beliefs.

This, of course, rests upon yet another belief: that I am consciously in control of my beliefs. I wonder just how much conscious control I actually have over my beliefs?

Studies at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin demonstrated that as much as seven seconds before I am consciously aware of a decision, my subconscious mind has considered options and selected a choice. My body prepares to go into action, justifications begin to solidify, and emotional responses line up seconds before my conscious mind is aware of making a choice.

Is there something I can do to consciously take charge of this process?

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Who’s Accountable?

Who’s accountable? I am… of course!

Yet, do I truly believe that?

I know that my perceptual,  conscious mind defines, labels and creates its reality.

My conscious mind can turn its decisions about life’s threats and benefits over to my reactive, responsive subconscious mind to defend. Over time and with practice this process becomes automatic.

Once the transfer of belief data is complete from my conscious mind to my subconscious mind, the orders are in place to protect and defend what, how, why and who I believe I am.

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Theater Metaphor of Mind

We went to the movies a couple months ago. It was a fun sci-fi flick I’d been looking forward to viewing. We got to the theater early, bought some popcorn and water, then found the best seats and waited for the show to begin.

Soon, the screen was lit with flowing images. The movie was all I expected and more. I could really feel myself being drawn into the story. I felt for the characters and found myself hoping for their success. The popcorn was delicious!

I was feeling grateful!

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The Expectation Effect

Before I press down on the accelerator, I expect my car to move 'in a moment...' That's the Expectation Effect.

“In a moment, I’ll say a word and you’ll respond with…”

Hypnotists are keenly aware of the power of expectation in this common hypnotic setup.

The Expectation Effect is the basis for the placebo and nocebo effects we spoke about in our previous posts. We tend to get what we expect to get, “in a moment…”

My subconscious mind has no comprehension of time – which is why a full 8 hours after falling asleep, I feel that only seconds have passed. When I introduce an “in a moment…” expectation, my subconscious mind DOES IT NOW because it knows no other time frame.

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