Seeing and Believing

Let’s make this perfectly clear – seeing and believing work together.

There is a fairly widespread myth going around that we see what is there – that our eyes present a true picture of the world around us.

Yet we know from experience with optical illusions that this is not the case. Our eyes often trick us. My question is, “why?”

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Projection and Metaphor

In a previous post, we discussed projection as it relates to fear. I tend to defend myself from that which I fear in myself by denying its existence and projecting it instead onto others (ex: “You’re the one with the problem!”).

This time, let’s investigate projection as a metaphor delivery vehicle.

As we discussed in that previous post, what I fear at any given moment is projected before me in the image of my perceptions. The answer to the question, “Who am I?” then, may surround me all the time – hidden in plain sight.

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