Seeking Is Key

Seeking is key to my next level of illumination, that is.

Ah – Seeking – a process inspired by a need to find validation for separation.

Seeking, in the metaphoric sense of the quest, intends to answer the question, “Who do I think I am [separate from and compared to others]?” This kind of seeking works to integrate and awareness of WHO I AM into the why, how, and what I experience.

I can only SEEK that which I think I already am NOT, I think I already do NOT, or I think I already have NOT. I SEEK that which I don’t think I already have, do, or am. Although seeking is an illusion of action – seeking never actually DOES, only ATTEMPTS to do something – it awakens within me a DESIRE to find the I AM level of my Self.

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The Seeking Cycle of Need

The seeking cycle of need exists due to a perception of lack. When I perceive a lack, I place a value on the object I’m lacking and then put into action a seeking strategy to satisfy that lack.

According to the depth of the lack I seek to satisfy, I create a cycle of need that depends heavily on a belief in separation. I separate WHO I AM from the why, how, and what of my needs.

I seek to know WHY I need, which tends to quantify the energy I place on lack. This energy drives a seeking strategy, action, or specific method (HOW), which identifies that which seems to fulfill the need (WHAT) and triggers yet another why and how, and what – continuing the seeking cycle of need. Read more The Seeking Cycle of Need