The Scotoma Solution

A scotoma is a mental activity in which one locks on to one idea and excludes all others – known as a “lock on – lock out” program. It’s my mind’s way of avoiding overwhelm, when faced with too many choices, by protecting what I wish to maintain as my truth.  However, a scotoma can get me into trouble, without me knowing about it.

A great example is in a Spongebob Squarepants cartoon. Spongebob wakes one morning and thinks he’ll create a fantastic dessert for himself. Unfortunately, his choice of ingredients cause him to have horrific halitosis (bad breath). He goes outside after breakfast, where he meets several people, all of whom scream and run away from him as soon as he opens his mouth and says, “Hello.”

His conclusion – “I must be terribly ugly!” Stuck (scotoma) in this erroneous conclusion, he weighs all future evidence only in light of it – discounting evidence to the contrary (called mental filtering).

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I Have a Question

Am I asking the right questions?

What questions might I ask at each level of illumination that are both appropriate to the level and motivational enough to propel me into the next level – like the Golden Question I use to investigate my presuppositions?

All questions presuppose the existence of an answer that I may already be aware of at a cognitive level other than the one I’m currently experiencing.

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The Confirmation Scotoma

'Ah ha!' can sometimes lead us down the path of rightness - along with its associated narrowing of choices.

Have you ever suddenly “got it” and said to yourself, “Aha!”?

Ahas are those eureka moments when my mind suddenly and out of seemingly nowhere, has an epiphany with a brilliant solution to a dilemma.

We sometimes call an aha moment “inspiration,” which some attribute to a higher intelligence or deity, while others attribute to hard work and perseverance. Regardless of its origin, aha usually feels pretty amazing. Read more The Confirmation Scotoma