Defending the Light Within

In an earlier post, we discussed how I defend the defenses of my defenses. I wondered how I came to this condition. It occurs to me that values may be at the heart of my defenses.

When I value something, I tend to protect it. I feel I can more easily let go of things I value less. I may not even notice things of no value.

In other words, for any given thing, its level of value to me determines my level of defense of it.

Value <=> Defense

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Mental Earthquakes


More than the title of our blog, “Aha!” represents a sort of earthquake of the mind. Suddenly, without warning and with some energy, a concept seems to burst forth into the daylight of consciousness. Of course, what is not obvious is that this “Aha!” has been brewing over hours, days, months, maybe years or longer.

At the border between two of earth’s tectonic plates friction between two moving land masses causes heat that is usually dissipated via volcanism and sudden movement (earthquake). In some areas, the friction is lower than it is in other areas due to several factors, including lubrication in the form of water and sand between massive bedrock slabs. In these areas, earthquakes are usually quite small and more frequent.

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