Turn Second Degree Defense into Third Degree Questioning

Occasionally, I ask questions about my experience. “What is that?” “Who did that?” “Why?” Usually seeking to place blame on someone else or to justify my behaviors or position – to make me feel right. In other words, I’ve used a question as a defense.

I may use a question to satisfy a need as in, “What must I do now?” Answering a question in order to satisfy a perceived need tends to settle my consciousness back into the safety of First Degree Illumination – the “non-disturbed state.”

Questions are the doorway to Third Degree of Illumination consciousness – choice. And yet, I see that I also use questions in Second Degree of Illumination defense. That’s due to the nature of  questions and the presuppositions (intentions) behind them. When I ask a question, the answer to which I already know, I’m likely to invoke confirmation bias to satisfy my question and defend my belief or behavior. I’m not questioning my defense – instead – merely defending with a question.

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Learning and Questions

Learning is the process of connecting that which you don’t know with that which you do know. How do I do that? With questions!

What questions?

I came with answers to these and other questions –

  • How do I come to be? (conception – not done that before!)
  • How do I stay alive? (not done the process of incubation before, either!)
  • How do I grow? (not done that before, either – yet somehow, I knew how to do it)
  • How do I emerge from the womb? (novel experience again!)

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