Science and Authority in Psychology

The fields of neurology and psychology have worked a long time to scientifically identify how the mind works. Unfortunately, much of the “science” of mind has been authoritarian conjecture accepted as fact.

Fortunately, more reasonable heads are prevailing today, which may lead to a complete overhaul of the mental health field in the US over the next decade.

A new model is emerging – centered on evidence and real science rather than on the word of “luminaries” in the field. Perhaps it is time to focus our psychology more on how the mind/brain works than on what is “normal” and “abnormal.”

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Seven Degrees of Illumination – Digest

Seven Degrees of Illumination


An overview of the Seven Degrees of Illumination, by Joseph and Carol Bennette.

  1. My underlying belief is that I am separate from my environment and that I must compete and win against others in order to survive. This stage pits “me” against “you”, “us” against “them.” I am motivated by my perception of benefit vs threat. Duality.
  2. Based on benefit or threat, I install defenses against perceived threats and seek out that which I perceive benefits me. I use excuses and justifications as validation of my rightness and strengthen my position through agreement with as many others as I can convince. Motivated by my fear of the consequences of being wrong, I keep an arsenal of failsafe safeguards in place, just in case!
  3. When others completely blow my image of them, I cannot return them to their previous position. I’m at a Choice Point! It may hurt as I come face-to-face with invalidation of my vision of the world in this context. My image of myself may take a serious hit at this point. To move forward, I must accept death of my image as a viable (and maybe painful) option. I must pass through the death of my need to be validated – leaving my fear of being wrong behind.
  4. I recognize the competition and see it for the fantasy it is. I feel a need to balance the scales of justice I upset. I accept the cause and effect relationship my thoughts and actions have on what I perceive. I recognize the difference between honest interaction with my environment and the con game I was playing. As my mind begins to connect in balance with my heart, I close the gap of misunderstanding where I invented an ego to fill that perceived need.
  5. I intend to be aware of others as my mirror. I get it that my environment is me in disguise. I no longer feel the need to defend against myself. I begin to realize that everything I perceive is symbolic. It is not real. Everything has meaning to ME about ME. It is feedback. I have released my needs. My life sustains itself without effort. I am aware of how I manifest my intent. I experience intimacy with others around me in a new and profound way – as I become them and me – oneness – love.
  6. I appreciate others as a projection from within me – I accept and feel gratitude for the reflection life is to me. I gratefully accept myself and release the illusion I previously held that I could be separate from others. The real Self begins to appear as “others,” “ME,” and “I” come together in a realization of what is beyond perception – oneness.
  7. Awakened, I now consciously realize the full nature of my own creation. All illusion is stripped away – only truth remains. I pass through a gateway to what lies beyond – that beckons me to arise and…