Could Irrational Fear Be A Positive Body-Mind Feedback Loop?

When I feel afraid, my body turns on. From elevated blood pressure to sweaty palms, my body shows that I’m feeling afraid. When I sense those body signals, I get sensational feedback to my mind confirming that my body “got the message.”

Some fears appear as an intense and irrational reaction to sensory input. Spiders, for example, invoke in many an intense fear that modifies their perception of the spider’s relative size.

Why is that?

I think it may have to do with a positive feedback loop. Positive feedback is defined as “the enhancement or amplification of an effect by its own influence on the process that gives rise to it.” (Wikipedia)

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Fear and Grounding

Let’s look into one aspect of fear and an idea for how to quickly deal with it.

Fear is esoteric – a figment of my imagination. It doesn’t actually exist as a physical thing.

Danger is a real probability whereas fear is an incorporeal imagined possibility. Just because I’m in a dangerous situation doesn’t mean I must be afraid – and when I’m feeling afraid it doesn’t mean I’m in any real danger.

When I feel fear, my cognitive mind tends to become distracted by it – thus losing touch with physical reality. Might losing touch with reality make danger much more dangerous? Might it also make it more difficult for me to communicate with others when I’m no longer connected to their reality, floating as it were in my own esoteric non-space and non-time?

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