The Interpreter Behind My Life Story

“Welcome to my life story interpretive center. Here you’ll find multimedia, multi-sensual presentations and guides to help you understand reality and the truth behind any and all experiences. You’ll have quick access to explanations, reasons, and definitions to help you make sense of it all.

Find something that doesn’t make sense? No problem, your conscientious, personal interpreter will make something up that does make sense! We are here to help.”

A good story requires a good storyteller to give it life, put it into perspective, and help you comprehend and appreciate the author’s intent. When it comes to telling my own life story, the job falls to my inner interpreter.

Could my inner interpreter be responsible for more than just telling me what my experience means? Could it be more than a storyteller?

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Interpretations of Projection

In the act of perceiving, I relate content to context. My interpretations of that relationship affect the meaning of my experience(s).

My mind divides this relationship into three categories –

  1. past
  2. present
  3. future

When I feel a need to defend one of those categories, I must combine my perceptual memory with imagination to effect a concept. My imagination must be active and versatile enough to accommodate the demands of varied thoughts I need to link in specific configurations – Read more Interpretations of Projection