Suffering and Attention

I suffer because I defend what I can’t justify. How is it I can still suffer even when I am justified?

I learn that being right has its price – sacrifice of reality.

When I believe I’m right, I tie up my energies in maintaining my position since being wrong is not an option and is in direct opposition with being right.

I experience wrongness as failure, against which I employ a strenuous and energetic defense. Failure implies a lack of wholeness. I attempt to overcome unwholeness with defense, a diversion of my attention – intention away from wholeness resulting in a perception of even more unwholeness (lack) and less available energy.

More attention on defense => Less attention and awareness of available energy => More Suffering!!

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3 Elements of Fear that Can Fuel Transformation

Fear is an emotionally influenced  response to danger or threat that motivates behaviors to mitigate the danger or threat. Humans and other animals exhibit fear in much the same way physiologically, so the fear response may be quite ancient.

We tend to think of fear as a “negative emotion” that clouds reasoning and drives “negative behaviors.” From an evolutionary point of view, fear may have derived from early surviving species passing on their “fear” genes to us today – giving us an “evolutionary advantage.”

Although behaviors vary widely when the fear response is triggered, let’s investigate  three common elements of fear:

  1. Perception of danger or threat – triggers a response
  2. Seriousness of engagement – the risk to survival
  3. Presence – how imminent is the danger

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