Community – How Oneness May Be the Natural Order

Everything about us as humans speaks of oneness. Community.

Starting with conception, a successful sperm and ovum (egg) leave their communities for the purpose of continuing as one. We move from oneness to oneness.

Could oneness of purpose be our natural order?

The physical human body, when viewed from the outside, appears as one form. When the body, however, is studied under considerable magnification and with scrutiny towards detail of both inner and outer properties, it becomes clearer just how community-oriented we are – right down to the quantum levels of matter.

Based on common purpose, our interconnections become our vitality. It seems that nurture supports inner-connections to fulfill ONE intention – wholeness. This success of oneness is derived by each member giving and receiving 100%. Giving and receiving are BOTH necessary components of ONEness.

Oneness of purpose is the natural order for successful survival of all species of life on earth. All organisms, from the micro to the macro, reproduce and thus live in community into infinity.

The Myth of Individualism

When I am in pain or feeling alone, or misunderstood, I want someone to comfort and validate me. When I’m celebrating, I want to do it with others. Our social infrastructures on this planet support gatherings. To infinity, this propensity for gathering draws us ever-closer to REALIZATION of ONEness.

The Order and Entropy Dance

In this dimension of limited awareness, there is that which is and that which is not – duality. Each element contains an element of the other. The ancient concept of yin-AND-yang.

It occurred to us in a discussion today that the process of order is represented in life whereas the process of entropy is represented in death – a disordering. These conceptual processes court each other in a perpetual dance in which both exist simultaneously AND together – each requiring the other to exist.

My thoughts go through this dance from ordered (focused upon) to disordered (not focused upon), then back to ordered again as I attend to my life. Yet at no time is my focus 100% ordered or 100% entropic. I always focus on something AND unfocus on another.

Order v Entropy

During times when the universe becomes more ordered, as it does in living tissues, there is always an element of disorder within that order – order AND entropy, life AND death together in a dance.

As we considered how this dance plays out in our life, we realized that wherever order exists, there is ALSO entropy – order AND entropy: Night AND day. Right AND wrong. Good AND evil. Left AND right. Cause AND effect. Yin AND yang.

Perhaps EITHER-OR is an illusion.

What do you think? We invite your ideas about this.