Starship Me – My High Tech BodyMind

My bodymind may not be what I think it is. My body contains trillions upon trillions of cells. Many, perhaps most, are bacteria. A large number live in my gut.

According to Johns Hopkins University, a colony of microscopic “folks” that inhabit my gut make up a sort of “brain” that affects my thinking, behaviors, and a lot more.

This link between gut and head got me to wondering about my bodymind. What if the brain in my gut is the primary brain that controls the secondary brain inside my cranium? Hmmm…

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Suffering and Attention

I suffer because I defend what I can’t justify. How is it I can still suffer even when I am justified?

I learn that being right has its price – sacrifice of reality.

When I believe I’m right, I tie up my energies in maintaining my position since being wrong is not an option and is in direct opposition with being right.

I experience wrongness as failure, against which I employ a strenuous and energetic defense. Failure implies a lack of wholeness. I attempt to overcome unwholeness with defense, a diversion of my attention – intention away from wholeness resulting in a perception of even more unwholeness (lack) and less available energy.

More attention on defense => Less attention and awareness of available energy => More Suffering!!

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On the Edge of Consciousness

Consciousness may be a delicate balancing act between two states of being: ordered and disordered (entropy). On the ordered side, everything must be a certain way. On the disordered side, nothing must be a certain way. Does my consciousness reside in a “zone” on the edge between order and entropy – a state known as criticality?

Woodrow Shew of the University of Arkansas explains criticality like this:

We experience phase transitions every day when liquid water evaporates and turns into vapor or freezes and turns into ice. Your brain can go through a phase transition, as well… Read more On the Edge of Consciousness