Expression of My Marriage Metaphor

Thought and emotion run the body – whether or not I’m aware. Marriage represents the end of separation. When conscious choice marries thought and emotion, enlightenment is the result. How does this translate into my expression of self?

First of all, expression represents an intended communication, symbolized in a code-like language, a causal enactment that implies a shared reality exists between communicants. Therefore, I assume a certain level of shared understanding based on our commonality of expression of mind and heart.

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Body Language

Language is more than verbal. Some estimate that over 85% of human communication is non-verbal. The body presents language in a number of ways including “verbal” metaphor. Symptoms of dis-ease can be viewed as messengers speaking your core beliefs out loud to you in metaphoric language. As you listen with intent to understand, the body systems feel fulfilled and acknowledged for their speaking. As the messenger feels complete and acknowledged, the system can return to normal functioning.

Carl Jung, Milton Erickson, and many others noticed the importance of this kind of metaphoric body language. Our own Body Metaphors chart, for example, speaks to these metaphors so that healers can work with underlying beliefs and thought processes to alleviate suffering and promote well-being.

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Body Metaphors

Does your subconscious mind speak to you? You bet it does! Do you understand what it is saying? Does your bias affect that feed? How does that show up?

Over eons of history, my European ancestors embodied their subconscious thoughts into their language in the form of idioms and body metaphors. Today, I can hear those thoughts and beliefs in the “language” of my body – in the form of idioms and body metaphors. I can derive from a physical body sensation or condition a possible – maybe even probable – thought patterns that could be ripe for conscious investigation. Transition is about transforming from one defense into another until defense is no longer perceived as necessary to preserve truth. Truth can be seen in all things… it is  bias that distorts it.

Knowing the metaphoric language of the physical body does not give one access to what it means or what to do about it – and the chart below is by no means definitive or even authoritative FOR YOU. It is simply an example that COULD apply to you.

Check out the chart below.

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