Harnessing Lifeforce Energy of Mental Earthquakes

Earthquakes occur when earth’s tectonic plates build up enough pressure between them that friction is overcome and a sudden movement resets the pressure enough for friction to take over again. My mind sometimes does a similar dance when I deny my feelings or disconnect my real self from myself and others.

In our last post, we discussed how one might prevent such mental earthquakes from happening in the first place – mostly by relieving the pressure often enough to keep it from overwhelming the mental-emotional system.

This time, let’s look into how we might harness the energy inherent in the pressure buildup to provide us more life energy for other projects.

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Preventing Mental Earthquakes

Last time, we introduced the concept of mental earthquakes – a situation in which the pressure inherent in mental conflict builds until a sudden explosion of emotions and behaviors relieves the pressure and resets the mental balance into a new reality. The process may take the form of heated arguments, fights, and even violence – depending upon the amount and abruptness of the energy release, as well as the composition of the environmental “soil” – the context in which the energy is released.

Comparing earth’s quake zones to my mental conflict zones, I see that some physical quake zones have a tendency to release smaller amounts of energy more often, each of which causes little destruction; while in other areas pressure tends to build over time to a point at which a huge amount of energy is released all at once with devastating results. Read more Preventing Mental Earthquakes