OMG! I’ve Crossed My Logic Levels Streams

The logic level of Doing is NOT the same as the logic level of Being. Crossing logic levels is like crossing the streams – bad things can happen. (“Thanks for the safety tip, Egon”)

I am not what I do. What I do, on the other hand, may reflect upon who I and others THINK I am.

In crossing logic level streams, I might assume that what I did in the past defines who I am now. I’ve crossed logic AND time levels in an ever-changing sea of circumstance. Read more OMG! I’ve Crossed My Logic Levels Streams

The Comparison Game

A person I know once told me, “I am better than you because I have done better things than you…” And I believed him!

Maybe you’ve encountered this comparison game yourself – comparing who one person IS to another by what they each DO. Usually in a cause-effect formula that appears like this – “I Do better things (cause), so I AM a better person (effect)…” Do you sense the error in this logic?

There’s an aspect of me that likes to play this Comparison Game – a part that defines “me” as separate from you (“not me”) by use of the DO logic level. We know it as “competition” and it runs a bit like this: Read more The Comparison Game

Logic Levels and Persistence

Manifestation is based on who I THINK I am.

Persistence is the act of continuing on in the face of resistance. It’s inevitable that I’ll encounter resistance to change and therefore must at times press on in spite of it. Failure to persist in the face of obstacles can lead to failure to achieve a goal.

Studies have established that when people perceive themselves as having control over the setbacks they encounter, they’re more likely to persist toward and achieve their conscious intention (goal). When a person feels they have little or no control over obstacles, they tend to give up much more readily.

This yet again verifies the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) notion that staying within logic levels when dealing with adversity can improve the likelihood of achieving an intended outcome.

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My life is not about achieving perfection. That’s already done. I am perfectly me already. HOW I express the perfect me and how I interpret feedback from others can sometimes lead me to believe I’m imperfect.

I’ve tried chasing perfection and it’s a frustrating, tiring, tail-chasing experience I don’t recommend.

I have a marvelous capacity for learning, which can sometimes confuse me about myself. For example, I learned that what I DO defines who I AM. It’s not true – total falsehood – no matter how strongly I believe it. Yet, I learned it and that learning has confused me from time to time. I am SO much more than what I do.

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Perception – Filling in the Blanks

When I have an experience, I immediately want to make sense of it. I start this process by feeding my perceptions of the event through my reality filters. Instinctively, my mind is geared to judge, categorize, and prioritize my perceptual input according to my imagination’s threat vs benefit program.

Bridging the gap between reality and perception, my imagination convinces me that my evaluations of and my explanations for the experience are correct. As primal responses to perceived survival needs, my instincts are separated by imagination from my conscious, thinking, focused awareness of present state of being.

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