The Entitlement Defense and Wholeness

Because I am special, I am entitled and deserve and have a right to special treatment. I’ll fight for my rights!

Could entitlement be a setup for defense? Hmm, could it BE a defense?

What, how, why, and who determines entitlement?

When living inside my First-Second Degrees of Illumination bubble, I hold certain concepts as absolute truths. One of those concepts is entitlement, which seems to take on a defensive posture towards wholeness – working to keep me safely tucked into a world of competition and comparison.

I intend to use entitlement as a means to bend wholeness to my will, to accommodate my need to feel special – as if wholeness can be manipulated. I confuse the concept of equality, a main ingredient in wholeness, with fairness, a main ingredient in entitlement.

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My Imagination IS My Reality

My imagination creates my reality in order for me to exist in multiple interconnecting worlds – dimensions within dimensions – ad infinitum.

This universe, of which I perceive only a tiny fraction, acts as a playground for my imagination. For example, although frequencies of electromagnetism extend from sub-audible to ultraviolet and beyond, I can imagine I’m sensing what is important to me.  The vast majority of the light spectrum I don’t perceive at all. And that is just the electromagnetic spectrum within THIS dimension. Yet, my imagination makes it all work for me.

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