Ego and the Justification League

In an earlier post, we discussed how my ego segregates experience according to the filter, “That which benefits me most and threatens me least.” Justice in this arena condenses into a judgment of, “My interests compared to yours.” – with a bias toward the “my” in that “equation.”

To accomplish its goal of keeping me physically and psychologically safe, my ego enrolls my subconscious mind to create a collection of defenses I like to call my Justification League. Their job is to make sure that a) my thoughts of justice are served; and b) my behaviors are justified – thus the name.

The League keeps my egocentric world running smoothly and me seemingly in charge of that reality.

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Fairlessness or the Myth of Fairness

“It’s not fair!”

Ever hear that? Perhaps you’ve even said it once or twice yourself.

the phrase that never pays

My concept of fairness is due to my threat vs benefit mental program that assigns significance by comparing the value of one thing against another.

The level of importance I place on my judgment determines my degree of need for defense against the threat of losing validation of my rightness.

What is fairness? Why is it important to me?

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