How Freedom of Choice Highlights My Belief in Limitation

And what I might choose to do with that freedom!

I flip through the channels on my TV and find something that interests me. When I click the button on my remote control, voila! – I experience the result of my choice in the presentation on the TV. Later, I open my smartphone and select an app to read the news or chat with a friend. As I write this, I feel I’m choosing the words for this post. Choices, choices, choices… Freedom!

It appears to me that I’m making choices all the time. Further, it feels like most of those choices are freely mine to make. Especially when it comes to my own thoughts, I feel I can think anything I want to think. Yay, freedom!

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Freedom VS Choice

I live in a society that values choice. A place where the exercise of freedom equates to an exercise in choosing. I translate my well-exercised ability to choose into my right to judge – as choosing requires judging.

I’ve spent a lifetime comparing people and things, developing a high level of sophistication in knowing what’s best.

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