Expectation and Probability Affect Intention

I get it – expectation improves outcome probability. What I don’t get is why so often I do NOT get what I expect!!!

I’m sitting down right now. I intend to get up and go into the kitchen. When I get up out of my chair, I expect to simply stand up and carry out my intention. Were I to trip or slip out of my chair onto the floor, I may feel surprised, maybe alarmed, or even terrified.

Expectation deals with outcome based on need – “I must stand up now!” No plan or strategy. Just a predicted outcome to fulfill a need.

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Some People Suck

Ever experienced one or more of these situations?

  • A person walks into the room and you suddenly feel cold.
  • You meet someone and within 2 minutes of being in their presence you’re looking for the door.
  • You have to talk with someone on the phone (e.g., customer service) and feel exhausted afterward.
  • You see a commercial on TV and then feel moody or depressed.
  • You realize you’ve said the word “no” far more often than you normally do.

I’ve experienced all of the above. They indicate that I’m in the presence of what some call an energy vampire – a person who sucks your life force energy in an attempt to fill their emptiness, their need. For some people, that emptiness is like a bottomless pit that can never be filled – because they are looking for fulfillment in the wrong place – from others.

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