My Justified Life Story

“It’s my story and I’m sticking to it!” My life story is a history of justified emotions I’ve attached to my thoughts and actions through time. I defend any story that adds to the importance of my story.

My story presents a linear timeline that directs my imagination to access a string of memories. Those memories I choose to access validate and support my present emotional experience.

My beliefs hold my perceptions of time and emotions as universal truths, giving authority to my story. There’s a paradox. Although my emotions feel tied to time, they don’t exist there. For example, time flies when you’re having fun and seems to drag when you’re feeling sad. Emotion affects the perception of time.

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Equations that Cross Dimensions

My equations cross dimensions,  helping me justify how I understand my multidimensional world. My mind balances my objective experience with my subjective emotional responses to them. Equations that cross dimensions.

Some experiences can confuse how I define balance, especially when I want to switch from logic to emotion. Those experiences involving emotions require a different kind of equation than those of logic.

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How Can Negative Emotions Serve A Useful Purpose?

Many emotional therapies focus on clearing, therapeutically, negative emotions or  “charge” associated with traumatic events, personal failures, and interpersonal attachments, etc. This presupposes that negative emotions serve no useful purpose and therefore must be eliminated in order for one to feel and behave well and generally live a happier life as a result. It often also presupposes that release of “negative” emotion will somehow magically create a space for and be filled with “positive” emotions.

Is there a place for my “negative” emotions? How can my negative emotions serve a useful purpose?

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When a Story Hurts, It’s Probably Hitting Your Issues

…the story itself doesn’t matter!

Over the years, we’ve conducted thousands of Rapid Eye Technology sessions in which as a practitioner, I’d move the RET eye directing “wand” rapidly as I’d spew as many hurtful words and phrases as I could in as short a period as I could while the client would “blink them out.”

After one session, a particularly dazed yet delighted client once said to me (paraphrasing), “How did you know that I was abused as a child? I didn’t tell you that…” I NEVER once told her that she was abused. She made up a story to suit the words I was throwing at her – words that hurt.

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My Life Equations

Our Universe is built on natural laws that govern relationships between forces and the energies with which they interact. These relationships can be expressed in the form of equations.

For example – the law of cause and effect governs actions and reactions between interdependent systems, where balance induces a common purpose. Balance is the key to equations and laws define the interdependent dynamics of balance.

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