Wrong Emotion Glasses Again?!

“Oh, no! I’m wearing the wrong glasses – AGAIN!”

Some years ago I noticed my eyesight was changing. So, after many hours of eye exercises that didn’t seem to work for me, I saw the optometrist, who told me that my lenses were deteriorating – no amount of exercise was going to change that. I was farsighted and getting more so every year.

Okay, I figure – it’s just another turn in my life that I can deal with as I go along. Glasses is certainly NOT the end of my eyesight. I chose a nice set of glasses and could once again see clearly. As a fashion statement, my new glasses looked good on me, too. Cool!

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When a Story Hurts, It’s Probably Hitting Your Issues

…the story itself doesn’t matter!

Over the years, we’ve conducted thousands of Rapid Eye Technology sessions in which as a practitioner, I’d move the RET eye directing “wand” rapidly as I’d spew as many hurtful words and phrases as I could in as short a period as I could while the client would “blink them out.”

After one session, a particularly dazed yet delighted client once said to me (paraphrasing), “How did you know that I was abused as a child? I didn’t tell you that…” I NEVER once told her that she was abused. She made up a story to suit the words I was throwing at her – words that hurt.

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