No Time Like the Present

I have questions in the present that challenge my certainty of a past I’ve used to justify the present. The more I consider the usefulness of self-inquiry, the more questions I have and the less confident I feel in my defense of time, as I understand it, as authoritative.

One question can start me on a path to awakening, “Do I need to be right?” This could be the result of an interaction I had with someone recently in which I was sure I was right about a position and just as sure that that someone was wrong. I backed up my points with proof as did they. Their side seemed equally logical, but I realized I had strong emotions on my side that boosted my need even further with convincing energy.

“Nobody is ever convinced of anything until they FEEL convinced, and if you can get them to FEEL convinced, you can convince them of anything.” (Scott Bryant concerning Group Manipulation)

When my emotions get involved, pain doesn’t seem to be an obstacle! Rather, it serves to prove my point – to me!

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Deal with Your Hurtful Story, then Make Up a New One

As we mentioned in the last post, a story associated with emotional hurts is only useful to access its emotional load. Once the emotional load has been effectively dealt with, the hurtful story is of little or no consequence – perhaps for learning… maybe…

I justify my emotions with “reasons” – background stories that make my emotion and my subsequent behaviors seem realistic and reasonable. Those justifications are necessary as validation for my emotions – which emotions require some reason or justification for being. It’s a cycle of need as we’ve discussed earlier.

Does it not seem logical, then, that once I’ve dealt with the emotions associated with an event (hurtful story), I might invest future energy into emotions I want – rather than ruminating on stories that regenerate negative emotions I’d prefer to release and let go?

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When a Story Hurts, It’s Probably Hitting Your Issues

…the story itself doesn’t matter!

Over the years, we’ve conducted thousands of Rapid Eye Technology sessions in which as a practitioner, I’d move the RET eye directing “wand” rapidly as I’d spew as many hurtful words and phrases as I could in as short a period as I could while the client would “blink them out.”

After one session, a particularly dazed yet delighted client once said to me (paraphrasing), “How did you know that I was abused as a child? I didn’t tell you that…” I NEVER once told her that she was abused. She made up a story to suit the words I was throwing at her – words that hurt.

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Choice and Attachment

Here’s a thought – Could attachments be at the heart of choice? I encourage discussion.

I like to think the laws of nature advocate creation and its maintenance, that they play a major role in memory and instinct, giving life an assist in survival and a chance for a future.

Memory has been evolving beyond the routine of the symbol recognition system we use for fight and flight responses. Lightening fast actions are the demands instinct places on successful survival.

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