Fear and Education 2

From careful observation, one can learn some amazing truths about the universe. In our previous discussion, we spoke about me using my observation of the defensiveness of others to learn valuable insights about myself. Sounds good, huh? But there is a problem – a quantum one.

“Observation is the active acquisition of information from a primary source.” (Wikipedia)

Studies into Quantum Mechanics have shown that it is extremely difficult to observe something because the act of observation affects that which is being observed. It’s called the quantum measurement problem – the observer affects the observed because the observer is part of the system that includes the observed. It’s a bit like using a word to define itself.

Judgment involves evaluation of observed data. Yet, one cannot observe without affecting the system in which both the observer and observed exist. As I am the observer of my world, my thoughts affect what I observe – which affects what I think about what I observe – it’s circular!

Human (my) observation is, in effect, a subjective judgment disguised as objective. Read more Fear and Education 2

Fear and Education 1

I’ve noticed that some significant people in my life get very defensive when I say something that touches their “issues” – which is bound to happen in general conversation now and then. I don’t mean to cause them pain so I usually simply avoid such gestures, colognes, and etc. – LIMITING MY LIFE and THEIRS!

What gives? Why should I live in fear of their defenses or in fear of hurting them? Why don’t they just get over it ??!!! or get help??!!!

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