Equations that Cross Dimensions

My equations cross dimensions,  helping me justify how I understand my multidimensional world. My mind balances my objective experience with my subjective emotional responses to them. Equations that cross dimensions.

Some experiences can confuse how I define balance, especially when I want to switch from logic to emotion. Those experiences involving emotions require a different kind of equation than those of logic.

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A Confusion of Values

The word “value” has at least three distinct meanings depending on context.

Value = worth
A man’s value is often regarded in terms of his worth to his community. Ex: John is considered a more valuable person than Jim because John is a doctor and Jim is an unemployed laborer.

Value = quantity
A man’s height is measured in units that are regardless of his worth. Ex: John is five foot ten inches tall.

Value = principles
One’s judgment of what is of importance in life. This is the essence of the word, valuable. Ex: John values honesty and integrity. Read more A Confusion of Values