Simplicity and Complexity

Understanding frees my mind from the complexity of simplicity.

Okay, I get it – life is complex. It’s so complex that maybe I can’t fully comprehend how complex it is. Maybe I could accept the fact and simply give up working at making any kind of change in my life. After all, I can’t accurately predict the outcome of whatever action I might take to effect that change because my actions are in the context of a complex adaptive system – life.

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Complexity and Simplicity

I like to think I can understand and manipulate my world. I like to think I have a handle on cause and effect. I like to think my world is the same world as everyone else’s world – so I can use that common ground as a basis for judging OUR performance in it.

As maybe you’ve discovered for yourself, just because I WANT the world to be a certain way doesn’t mean it IS that way. Life is complex – maybe more complex than I can comprehend.¬† Defending my way as the way has caused me considerable frustration that feels like a slap the size of the planet across my egocentric wants.

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