Fear and Completion pt 3


“Thanks, I needed that!”

I occasional employ a thought state-breaker like, “Snap out of it!” to awaken me through the use of fear. By using fear as a tool to create a startle response, I can stop my inner conflict with wholeness. I can help myself to move towards completion of something I feel is incomplete. I can break free of my stuck state of mind through a sense of completion.

From a motivational perspective, “state-breakers,” based on fear-as-a-tool, abruptly nudge my mind onto a different path. Using the not-too-subtle suggestions to, “Knock it off!” “Get your act together!” “Shape up or ship out!” “Yo dude!” “Hello?!”¬† “Really?!” “WTF?!” “Come again?!” and “*%$&#@$ – (%#@)*?!” I force myself out of a mental stalemate between fearful thoughts of defense and fearless thoughts of flow – towards completion of what I really want. Read more Fear and Completion pt 3

Fear and Completion pt 1

Stop what you’re doing!

Right now!

Feel interrupted? Do you feel some body sensations, too? How much do you recall of what you were thinking just before stopping abruptly?

Life is made up of processes that appear to have a beginning and an end – even repetitive processes. We acknowledge in patterns a starting point and an ending or transition point.

A process is a thought or action that has a measurable beginning and an end to its specific function – like a bedtime story that has elements of a beginning and an ending. We tend to expect ends to beginnings.

Read more Fear and Completion pt 1