How My Perspective Affects Fairness

I need life to be fair! My need is so strong in this regard that I seek the rewards life owes me and avoid punishments that rob me of the fairness I deserve.

Fairness means meeting my needs

There are, of course, natural laws that regulate the interactions of the physical world and that so often seem unfair to me. Then there are my laws, based on need, against which I judge everything’s fairness. My laws say natural laws are unfair – and should be corrected accordingly! THEN life would be fair.

How can I get my needs met unless I act upon my world with the kind of unfairness nature uses? Fair is fair so unfair must be unfair and I must met it with unfairness. My ego believes I must upset the apple cart, so to speak, to get my needs met. I use equations of my own making to accomplish this task.

Fair = Satisfied need = Reward = Good
Unfair = Unmet Need = Punishment = Bad

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Repetition as Reality in My Dualistic Universe

Repetition is evidence of a cycle. In a dualistic universe, cause and effect have a cyclic nature, which I use to manifest my purpose. This reality confirms my identity and answers my need to exist.

Each cause and effect is like a link held to itself by purpose and supported by each other in their coexistence. Each cause gives reason for an effect to exist in answer to need and each effect gives reason for a cause to exist in answer to need. Recursion.

More about cause and effect and need in a future post…

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