Risking Awkwardness in Awakening

As in walking and running, our desire to find balance within a limited bubble of awareness must first risk an awkward shift. Our legs move from normal standing balance into an awkward outward movement. This forward thrust achieves measurable distance from where we began. Awkwardness achieves movement that achieves a purpose.

The same is true in forward thinking. A shift in thought is a risk in balancing a new perspective. One might consider new thoughts that challenge present understanding a risk towards change in that perspective.

One might view a change of understanding as a movement, albeit an awkward one at first. As I transition from standing still to walking, then to running, I give little or no thought to the risks involved. Past the awkwardness of the transition, I experience a larger movement forward than when I was still.

Risking Awkwardness

Whether physical or nonphysical, life is a risk. Willingness to brave awkwardness while transitioning from the sleep of defense into the awakening of new understandings is worth those risks.

Balance and Imbalance

Pain is an example of how I can feel out of balance. Attention can change the experience of pain and/or imbalance. Perhaps you’ve had an experience like I’ve had – suffering from a pain somewhere in my body- and then smacking my thumb with a hammer. I remember how the shift of attention to my thumb suddenly seemed to “cure” the original pain.

That’s because I’m not good at consciously attending to more than one thought at a time, I have a preference for past solutions (see The Einstellung Effect), and through selective perception, “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest” (Simon and Garfunkel, The Boxer), I exercise my capacity for focused…


A shift of my attention may be less than .0001% of the total thought volume and yet be significant enough to completely change what I experience.

Focused Attention => Perception => Experience => Sense of Being

Because of my facility for focused attention, I perceive an experience of who I am in relation to my work, my marriage, my family, my home, and etc. – as well as a sense of being out of balance, in need of something, suffering.

How does balance enter the equation, then? I want to live a balanced life, right? How can I be perfectly in balance and have an experience of being out of balance? Is it one OR the other – balance OR imbalance?

Can I be in AND out of balance at the same time?

Perhaps I can – due to an illusory form of thought and perception I experience as attention. This wondrous ability to shift my thought potential in one direction or another presents me with the illusion of experience, the illusion of physicality, the illusion of volition or free will, a sense of being out of balance – all the while maintaining balance.

Equal AND Opposite = Balance

A system that is in complete balance would, for every action, experience an equal and opposite reaction (Newton’s first law of motion) in order to stay in equilibrium. For example, let’s say I extend out 2 energetic units in one direction. To stay in balance, I would experience simultaneous extension of 2 energetic units in the opposite direction. 2 – 2 = 0. The entirety would result in non-experience, zero.

When it comes to consciousness, perhaps attention gives me an experience of imbalance while keeping the energetic books balanced:

Attention => imbalance experienced, balance maintained.

Imbalance and Focus!

What makes it seem like I’ve moved in a direction is that I’m attending to (focusing on) that one direction while neglecting alternatives. Focus determines the scope of that neglect. The more focused my attention, the broader the scope of neglect and the fewer alternatives I’ll perceive.

Suffering, then, may be more a matter of attention than condition. Remember the hammer example? Perhaps focus provides me with an illusion of pain intensity by placing alternatives within my scope of neglect. Shifting my attention even the slightest into my scope of neglect may offer me an alternative experience to the pain I’m suffering now.

Balance maintained. Experience changed.

Shift Attention, Shift Experience

My mind is engaged in multiple thought trains in hundreds if not thousands or more directions – simultaneously.

My mind has the ability to attend to one thing while attenuating others – like picking out a voice in the midst of a noisy room. In this case, I would not need to have the room absolutely quiet in order to understand the words. All it would take is sufficient difference from the background noise to make out and understand the words s/he is saying.

We sometimes refer to this ability as “paying attention.”

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Accountability and Validation

There may be such a tight relationship between validation and accountability as to imply they are compatible and inseparable as one concept.

Consider these basic definitions:

Accountability – An ability to account to what creates value in the doing – and values in each specific doing.

Validation – The perception that some outcome meets my specifications and fulfills my need (s). It’s how I recognize or affirm the value or worth of [something], making it real.

Both accountability and validation support a need, which judgements of VALUE make real.

  1. Validate – Being – giving to satisfy needed value
  2. Accountable – Doing – receive to satisfy needed value

Comparing Values for Accounting Purposes

  1. Some “thing”
  2. Another “thing” to which the first “thing” is accountable – a value-based relationship.

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My Imagination IS My Reality

My imagination creates my reality in order for me to exist in multiple interconnecting worlds – dimensions within dimensions – ad infinitum.

This universe, of which I perceive only a tiny fraction, acts as a playground for my imagination. For example, although frequencies of electromagnetism extend from sub-audible to ultraviolet and beyond, I can imagine I’m sensing what is important to me.  The vast majority of the light spectrum I don’t perceive at all. And that is just the electromagnetic spectrum within THIS dimension. Yet, my imagination makes it all work for me.

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