How Is Accountability A Done Deal?

It occurs to me that accountability may be a done deal.

By accountability, I mean the universe accounts to me and I to the universe through the law of causality. Everything I do affects the universe, which affects me.

Context and content interact as cause or effect to the other – making each accountable to the other.

I don’t have to make accountability happen – it just IS. I can imagine shifting or lessening it away from me and on to others through blame. Yet I am living my life and therefore I’m accountable for it – to the universe in which my life is at once content and context.

Content  <=> Context

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Who’s Accountable?

Who’s accountable? I am… of course!

Yet, do I truly believe that?

I know that my perceptual,  conscious mind defines, labels and creates its reality.

My conscious mind can turn its decisions about life’s threats and benefits over to my reactive, responsive subconscious mind to defend. Over time and with practice this process becomes automatic.

Once the transfer of belief data is complete from my conscious mind to my subconscious mind, the orders are in place to protect and defend what, how, why and who I believe I am.

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