Spectral Thought and Enlightenment

Eeeek! I’ve split my thought spectrum between enlightenment and bubble awareness!

When I pass light through a transparent light refraction process called a prism, I see a dramatic separation of light into multiple colors called a color spectrum.

In a similar manner, light in the form of my thoughts passes through an imaginary refraction process called fear. The result? I experience a dramatic separation of self. When the fear-refracted light of my mind projects out to the world, I experience it as reality.

Manipulating the Light

I further manipulate the split light I project through the  use of filters. You’ve heard the saying, “I’m seeing red” and “I’ve got the blues.” These are filters that allow the fragmented me to experience the world as I wish rather than as it is.

Fear is an imagined state of perception in which a I project a filtered meaning onto reality. I then tend to replace perception with imagination, discernment with judgment, and wholeness with defense.

When I accept this filtering as truth about life, I’m doing much more than affecting my reality – I’m literally creating it. With this information, I offer the light within me an  opportunity to illuminate new understandings of my experience.

When I combine my external and internal light spectrums, I get ONE – Enlightenment!

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