Sixth Degree – Appreciation and Acceptance

This is the seventh installment in a series of posts, Seven Degrees of Illumination.

Recap of Level Five

In level five, I learned of my connection with my projections. I intended to be aware of others as my mirror and spent time practicing compassion. I came to understand that my environment is me in disguise. All defense against myself faded away.

In level five, I began to realize that everything I perceive is symbolic and has meaning to ME about ME – feedback. I spent time learning and practicing usage of the symbolic language of projection and perception, while taking account for my thoughts and actions.

I released by needs. I let go of effort and struggle to survive. I became aware of how I manifest my intent and why I am now open to change. I embraced my Self at the deepest level of rapport and got an energetic introduction to a sixth degree of acceptance of Self.

Level Six – Acceptance

In level five, I intended to be aware of others as a mirror of myself. In this level, I realize that intention. I appreciate others as a projection from within me – I accept and feel gratitude for the reflection life is to me. I gratefully accept myself and release the illusion I previously held that I could be separate from others.

The real Self begins to appear as “others,” “ME,” and “I” come together in a realization of what is beyond perception – oneness. Before, oneness was a concept, an idea. At this level, oneness becomes a reality as I begin to view everything as ONE great whole.

At this stage I understand and accept the symbolism presented by the language of my projections and find meaning in it. This works to open my mind and heart to what the ancients referred to as “agape” – unconditional love.

Life at this stage is enjoyed as a full experience – no longer requiring repair or correction. I trust the world I am creating. Creator and created are now consciously connected as one.

Although it is possible to slip back into previous stages, the energy of this level is so inviting, so strong, so full, it’s much less likely at this stage.

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