Seventh Degree – Awakening

This is the eighth installment in a series of posts, Seven Degrees of Illumination.

Important Note:
We offer here our theoretical construct of this level of consciousness. It is based on our best understanding at this point in our development. We feel we have glimpsed this level of consciousness on rare occasions. It is our intention to one day…
Awaken to it!
-Joseph & Carol

Until now, I have intended to be aware of my oneness, learned and accepted a new language, embraced my Self, and received an introduction to unconditional love. In level seven, I integrate all those intentions, learnings, acceptances, embraces, and introductions into one great whole –

Level Seven – Awakening!

AWAKENING is the ultimate “Aha!”

Awakened, I now consciously realize the full nature of my own creation. There is a new-found freedom as I recognize myself as the infinite flow of the universe. I am the meaning of life and the cause of it. All illusion is stripped away – only truth remains. I know all as I AM.

Any desire to return to the world of competition and blame is gone. This level of gratitude and total accountability illuminates the entire universe. Intent is reality.

I pass through the gateway to what lies beyond – that beckons me to arise and…

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