The Seeking Cycle of Need

The seeking cycle of need exists due to a perception of lack. When I perceive a lack, I place a value on the object I’m lacking and then put into action a seeking strategy to satisfy that lack.

According to the depth of the lack I seek to satisfy, I create a cycle of need that depends heavily on a belief in separation. I separate WHO I AM from the why, how, and what of my needs.

I seek to know WHY I need, which tends to quantify the energy I place on lack. This energy drives a seeking strategy, action, or specific method (HOW), which identifies that which seems to fulfill the need (WHAT) and triggers yet another why and how, and what – continuing the seeking cycle of need.

As long as WHO is disconnected from the cycle, I will continue to seek and never find. Who represents that which the ancients understood as “wisdom” – which is lacking in all levels of illumination where acceptance of personal accountability is absent.

Seeking is a DO level function defined as “to attempt to find…” I’ve lost something (perceived a need) and want to find it (fulfill the need). Ultimately, it is ME that I’ve perceived as lost, a perceived separation of the BE logic level from my experience. I may realize my Why, How, and What of an experience, as I’ve cycled through them for so long, ever-seeking ME. When I connect those DO and HAVE elements with the BE level WHO element by taking full accountability in Illumination Level Five, the quest is over – I’ve found what I’ve lost, which was never actually lost, just maybe misplaced.

Seeking, as we discussed earlier, is an important aspect of perception and experience. We MUST seek in order to experience separation. When WHO I AM completely integrates with why, how, and what, a oneness of sorts emerges that completely changes my experience.

In summary –

What I seek to prove is the reality of a need, not knowing I created the need I hope to justify. I create a need to validate my belief in lack, which produces a reason to hope for a solution, which, in turn, creates a purpose that serves to justify the need. It’s a cycle that cannot be satisfied. See illustration.


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