Repetition as Reality in My Dualistic Universe

Repetition is evidence of a cycle. In a dualistic universe, cause and effect have a cyclic nature, which I use to manifest my purpose. This reality confirms my identity and answers my need to exist.

Each cause and effect is like a link held to itself by purpose and supported by each other in their coexistence. Each cause gives reason for an effect to exist in answer to need and each effect gives reason for a cause to exist in answer to need. Recursion.

More about cause and effect and need in a future post…

Repetition in Relationships

Even the tiniest shift in perception on a cause and effect chain can affect significant change in an overall manifestation of its purpose. Each change is upgrading other underlying causes and effects each creator is not yet aware of in their perspectives.

Each link forms the foundation for repetition of a relationship between content and context – between environment and environment, between matter and matter, between matter and form, between functions of forms and their environment, and etc. Matter and energy manifest complex interactions through replication of simple recursive action-reaction processes governed by natural laws of the universe.

Successful patterns repeat while unsuccessful patterns tend to not repeat. Cell division and birth demonstrate successful cause and effect relationships because they tend to repeat.

Individual quantum objects display inseparable coexisting wave-like properties and particle-like properties; such inseparable coexistence can seem paradoxical and mind-boggling. The apparent paradox is resolved by the unified theory of wave-particle duality… (Gilson 2011)


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