Reality as Successful Projection of Bias

My biases reflect core beliefs as truths that I can’t challenge without meeting significant ego defense in the form of shoulds and shouldn’ts, musts and mustn’ts – needs.

When I sense my beliefs being threatened, I conjure up justifications as a means of keeping or returning my projections of bias as “true” reality.

My perception of current reality, then, becomes a projection of these biases, an artifact of my past that exerts a powerful influence on the very memories from which that projection emerges. Yes! More circular thinking!!

My biases, when filtered through my memories, create a kind of permanently bound perspective of myself in relation to my environment. Without a bias filter, my memories would project my reality without judgement.

My projection, based on need, manifests a reality that shows my world who I am in it. I deserve to exist as who I am. I want others to accept what I am convinced is the truth about myself and my world. In the process, I confirm my rightness about the subject – me. Confirmation!

The search for reality is the other side of misunderstanding why I believe as I do. Through biases, my projections display an overlay of my collective understanding of myself – a sort of darkened and distorted mirror, the image in which I accept as ME. “That’s me in the mirror!” – when it is clearly NOT ME – it is my reflection.

My experience, based on bias, acts as a kind of persistent specter haunting and prompting my sentient conscious mind to take charge rather than to blindly validate each bias. Yet, I habituate to the prompting to and past the point at which I no longer hear the call. Still, the specter calls to me in every weird, déjà vu, and unexplained event.

My inner wisdom counsels me to let go of bias that distorts and filters the clarity of my projections so that my memories may act as a true and accurate record of my experiences.

My will to experience what I believe to be reality occasionally overrules that of others. As THE projector in my reality, I now accept the counsel of my inner wisdom that urges me to cast onto my world a bias-free, clearly understood reality – which includes the perspectives of “others.”

As enlightenment replaces bias, the clarity of projected light carries my vision, a pure light that affects all reality.

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