Problems I Need to Solve

Problem solving is at the foundation of learning and change. I wonder if it’s possible to not engage in that activity all the time. It’s a characteristic of all living things.

In my bubble awareness, I perceive my life in terms of problems I need to solve. When troublesome situations arise, I obsess on finding an answer to them until I feel satisfied I’ve found one.

Judging everything seems to be a pattern for me. Wherever I go and whatever I do, it seems, I’m searching for something to fix. It’s as though when I look for problems, they appear – giving me a sense of purpose in solving them.

 Appreciating Problems

I could view my problem-solving as an obsession. Others might see it in a more favorable light – as intervention with what IS to create what IS better.

Problems and their call for solutions may be the answer to awakening – through service – by providing opportunity to fix what some say ain’t broke. It’s a burden!

Consider the inspiration that drives every workable solution. It’s that purposeful act of selfless service we all have trouble seeing in the problem-solvers of this world.

In my bubble, when I solve a problem that others may not even be aware of, I restore balance to the universe. You’re welcome!

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