Personality Type by Third Degree Question

Might I be able to identify a personality type by dominant usage of Third Degree of Illumination question type? Referring to our 4-question model of inquiry:

  • A What type might focus more on things, ideas, etc.;
  • A How type might focus more on ways and means, goals, and methodologies – engineering;
  • A Why type might focus more on emotions, empathy, and certainty;
  • A Who type might focus more on interpersonal relationships, authoritarianism, etc. –

Might a long list of personality characteristics be made from these? I wonder.

How might I identify each type? First, I suggest that we have all these types within us all the time. And favor one type over the others most of the time. Dominant style. Perhaps one could listen to which type of question they speak and/or hear most often. For example, a What personality type might ask, “What…?” questions more often – and also hear “What…?” questions more often, too.

“What, How, Why, and Who,” You May Ask

And so I ask,

  • What personality type do you fit?
  • How might this indicator be useful?
  • Why would question type relate to personality type?
  • Who might benefit from such a simple type identification?

The concept that people can be categorized, generalized, and pigeon-holed into classes and orders is simply a convenient shortcut to avoid genuine inquiry and investigation. Apart from being at the foundation of racism and class prejudice, type-casting tends to stop inquiry before it gets started. And there’s the rub. The logic in using a question word as a means of classifying people may be as reasonable as racism and prejudice.

Still, wasn’t it fun to consider? LOL!

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