Oneness and Natural Order

What is Natural Order? How does it work? Why is there natural order? Who cares?!

What if the universe as I experience it is an illusion, an artifact of my way of thinking within my belief system? Natural order might then be an expression of those beliefs perceived by me as the way things are.

This would appear to all aspects of my expression as –

“The built-in arrangement that belongs to things inherently, and that develops them according to the very natures they possess. Contrasted with an artificial or superimposed order. On a universal level, the sum total of all natures, their powers and activities, related to the final end or purpose they have as natural beings. Contrasted with supernatural order.” (Catholic Dictionary)

What if it is I who assign those “…very natures they possess…” and “…final end or purpose they have as natural beings?” From that perspective, everything within nature expresses my belief.

The belief expression I experience as the “natural order” of the universe pertains to core beliefs. My truths that I hold so sacred I don’t question.

Supernatural or artificial order would pertain to notions I hold as beliefs or truths. These might include such concepts as religious beliefs and societal norms that fall into and out of favor.

Natural order does not change like superficial notions do. This level of belief IS changeable – only when understood and accounted for.

In terms of levels of understanding and accounting, from the safety of my perceptual bubble, everything appears to compete. Order competes with entropy, life with death, benefit with threat. I may completely oblivious to my condition, although it surrounds me every moment.

My perception is MY PROJECTION – a metaphor that illustrates my need to be separate. My concept of “Me” competes with my concept of “not me” to sustain this illusion of separation.

Order, Entropy, and Purpose

Order defines systems. Entropy changes systems.

A set of principles and processes determine how everything becomes aware of its place and function within the system. Organic intention creates purpose that influences each aspect’s behavior and appears as a projection.

A system’s innate intention is to follow a natural order, a relationship of purpose that binds all aspects together to insure success.

Systems tend to enroll other systems to increase the probability of success through mutual purpose. Systems tend toward oneness. Many in one purpose!

In this way, I am the projector of a world that revolves around me. My thoughts will not exceed the limit of what I am willing to believe. Perhaps this is the purpose and function of the universe for which I account.

Systems and natural order invites the question, “Who am I?”

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