My Life Equations

Our Universe is built on natural laws that govern relationships between forces and the energies with which they interact. These relationships can be expressed in the form of equations.

For example – the law of cause and effect governs actions and reactions between interdependent systems, where balance induces a common purpose. Balance is the key to equations and laws define the interdependent dynamics of balance.

Perception requires difference (ex: I perceive light because I perceive it as different from what I perceive as dark, and etc.). Law requires balance. I bridge between perception and law by creating and defending my own “equations” that appear to balance, yet reflect imbalance in my perception of separation.

Imbalance in my equations is my cause to create an effect, purpose for achieving balance as I perceive it. My purpose then motivates my transition from lack into wholeness in my perception.

In the achieving of my balance – I must seek to satisfy my needs:

  • for unity
  • for separateness
  • for reality
  • to be right


About Equations

an equation is an equality containing one or more variables. (Wikipedia – Equation)

The purpose of an equation is to express balance and reveal how apparently different values resolve to balance.

Solving an equation helps me move from unknown (and so, fearful) to known (resolving the fear). I may tend to imagine resolution rather than live with fear of not knowing the answer.

Fear drives me to solve my equations by creating my own set of imagined values to plug into my equations. One way I do this is with validation – which I incorporate into my being through [confirmation] bias. Then I “adapt” the rules to favor my solution. In other words, because of my fears I want to “game the system.”

Solving Equations

I validate (give value to) that which validates who I think I am. Even value for even value = equal value! Equation created. Equation solved!

The more I feel valued by a person, the more value I tend to assign to them, too. Equation created, equation solved!

I imagine a metaphoric scale of balance – with who I think I am on the one side and on the other side, that which is not me, yet validates who I think I am. I assign values that appear to solve the equation and balance the scales – and coincidentally appear to satisfy my needs.

When I sense a conflict between who I think I am and who I think I am not, my need to balance my equations motivates me to generate “values” to solve the presenting equation/issue as I perceive it. In other words: equation created, equation modified to fit values according to my perception, equation solved!

Aspects of Equations

Let’s consider some aspects of thought that appear in equations at many levels of my consciousness:

  1. Symbol. I create symbolic identities to things in my world. Example – lion, tree, flower, bird and etc.
  2. Meaning. I assign values to those symbols – along with functions or purposes to match what I need to believe about myself.
  3. Solution. This is the DOING aspect – that active element in my equations in which I apply the meaning to the symbols in order to solve the equations. This usually requires…
  4. Imagination. This element allows me to assign imaginary values and to modify the equations so that the equations appear to resolve and thus fulfill my needs when no such balance has actually occurred. In this way I can feel “in balance” while sustaining and perpetuating my need to create true balance.

Example equations for my reality –


😀 +  = 😯
(Happy me plus fire equals shocked me)
I apply a value: happy, and apply imagined fear of fire in order to justify my feeling of shock. Conversely, shock is because of the combination of me and my fear of fire.


😀 + 😀 x  😡 😡 = 🙁
(You and I, angry at each other, equals sad me without you)
I imagine that I’m feeling sad because (=) of the combination of my value of angry you and my value of angry me. Anger and sadness solve the separation equation for me.

Gaming the System?

I balance these “equations” by applying emotions – an assignment of a variable value in the form of life force energy (based on intensity) – to make it appear that I’ve solved – by justifying – the equation.

Am I “gaming the system” by introducing emotion variables to logical equations? Maybe. Or… Perhaps I’m just making sure my humanity is accounted for in my…


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